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Rim Rock Renovations specializes in high-end home renovations, professionally and courteously delivering your unique vision.

Each stage of your project will be taken care of using clean, precise methods, good communication and a network of competent subcontractors. We can advise in design phase and collaborate with you to ensure the final renovation meets your vision.

Project Specialties

Hire us to match the latest trends,lay out your house more efficiently, or create a custom look that won’t be found anywhere else.

Contract Types / Work Capacities

Our network of talent can fill any and every stage of your project.


Turn your residence into the Home of your Dreams. Rim Rock Renovation Services delivers your dreams with a well-honed process that comes from years of experience in delivering quality craftsmanship for high-end clientele.


Years of experience with discriminating homeowners allow us the expertise to know when building components can be pre-constructed off-site to minimize construction footprint and enhance overall quality.

Construction Management

You are hiring us for our expertise. With hundreds of projects, large and small behind our toolbelt, we have the knowledge needed to bring your vision of comfort, beauty and efficiency to realization to welcome you home. We understand the whole picture, we have the knowledge to suggest additional ways to incorporate value, features and style into your renovation. You can rely on us to manage the thousands of details that make a project successful. We understand the homeowner, design professionals, suppliers and contractors and can orchestrate all components to achieve a result that will have you delighted!

Project Management

Hire us for project management if:

Starting Your Renovation

If you’re ready to get your renovation project underway, we’d love to hear from you. You can request a quote, fill out our contact form to get answers to questions or call us at (509) 821 -2126.